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Alaska State Parks

Artist in Residence Pilot Program

Ernest Gruening Cabin – Ernest Gruening State Historical Park  Juneau, Alaska


"Windy Day At Eagle Rock"  $250
Acrylic 12" X 18"
Item # 0461

The Sounds of the roaring surf mingle with the gusty wind
through the tall trees creates a day with a chorus of motion.


"Mendenhall Glacier"   $285.00
Acrylic 18" X 20"
Item # 0455

The picturesque  Mendenhall Glacier is one of the beautiful tourist
attractions near Juneau Alaska


"A Salt-Chuck Silver For Dinner"  $240
Oil    9" X 12"
Item # 0463

Numerous beautiful black bear, both Mothers and cubs are
frequent early morning and late evening visitors for easy fishing


"Returning to Amalga Harbor"   $195.00
Acrylic 11" X 18"
Item # 0464

Amalga Harbor , near the Gruening Park is a favorite  and
busy launching harbor for  nearby Halibut and Silver fishing


"The Gruening Cabin"   $195
Oil 8" X 10"
Item # 0465

The Historical Gruening Cabin is located 30 miles north of Juneau.  Ernest Gruening  was an important historical figure in Alaska as a     Territorial Governor  and later was one of the first Senators from the new State of Alaska. Many Prominent people have been guests in this cabin.


"Mount Gruening - Beyond Peterson Salt-Chuck"  $350
Acrylic 10" X 18"
Item # 0466

Gruening Mountain at over 6,000 feet , with it’s double glaciers
is a beautiful backdrop over the Scenic Peterson Salt-Chuck.
       The mountain was named while Senator Gruening was still
alive, but actually dedicated after his passing.


"Pine Cone Snack"    $180
Acrylic 8" X 10"
Item # 0467

The chatter of the many local squirrels was heard throughout
the surrounding forest, all getting ready for the coming winter


"Peterson Salt-Chuck Falls"   $235
Acrylic 9" X 12"
Item # 0468

 The nearby Salt-chuck is fed by Peterson Creek. “ Chuck” is
a native term for the mixing of Salt water and fresh water.

When the tide is high, the salt water enters the lake and being
heavier layers under the fresh water. Both Fresh and saltwater
fish are in this “ Chuck”.


"Evening Glow on the Chilkat Mountains"  $ 280.00
Acrylic 7" X 17"
Item # 0469

One of the  spectacular sunsets on a  clear evening from
the front deck of the cabin.


"Local Arboretum"    $250
Acrylic 8" X 10"
Item # 0470

This nearby Arboretum is a paradise  of local and foreign 
flora and fauna. Spectacular colors abound, on the
ground, in the garden and in the trees, a beautiful place
to visit.


"Beware Of The Beauty"    $110.00
Acrylic 8" X 10"
Item # 0471

The “Devils Club“ abound throughout the local forest.
Beautiful to view---not to handle!


"Trail To Amalga Harbor"    $365
Acrylic 11" X 14"
Item # 0472

It was a joy to wander along this trail and to watch the
launching and returning of the fishing boats, pleasure boats
and Kayaks.


"Eagle Rock"    $245
Acrylic 8" X 10"
Item # 0473

The  cabin was named “ Eagle Rock” by the Gruening  family.   Numerous Eagles flew by the front of the cabin , seemingly on
a daily patrol of the  area  and fishing in the waters in front
of the cabin.


"Road To The Gruening Cabin"    $335
Acrylic 9" X 12"
Item # 0474

Entering the Gruening State Park was like entering your
own private forest. Not far from the highway, but isolated
in the forest of huge trees, plants and  water on three sides. 
Park visitors  needed  to park in a gravel parking area and
walk into the Park area. Many visitors came with their families
to enjoy the park picnic areas and to fish in the bay.


"Those Gone Before" $185
Oil    8" X 10"
Item # 0460

The stumps whisper the stories of days gone by in this historic
area of Southeast Alaska ... As the painting evolved, a “ ghost” appeared within the painting.   Can you find him?

                                            Jim & Annie Leach